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The Stories of the Steadfast

...at least 100 words of them

Hufflepuff...100 words at a time
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A community for 100 word drabbles about that wonderful Hogwarts House we all so enjoy.

Much like the other communities of this type, there will be a prompt each week to inspire a drabble of 100 words. Yes, the goal is 100 words. If you can't fit it in, well, we'll bite you. No, not really.

And now there's a competition!!! For more information on the competitions, check out this post.
Here's how the teams are doing (as of May 7th):
Quidditch Team - 115
Slug Club - 10
Dumbledore's Army - 90
Duelling Club - 95

Anything over 100 words can be posted over at huff_fics, our sister community.

Each entry should focus on a member of the Hufflepuff house. Other characters can make appearances but please keep it centered around a Huff (unless otherwise stated in the challenge).

Please of age! All ratings/genres/orientations welcome but keep anything NC-17 under an LJ-cut just for the sake of anyone who may wander by the den.

Please no off-topic posts, general postings, proganda or rants. Play nicely!

Read all you want but please join to post. It's just pleasant to see the names of the people who enjoy writing about Hufflepuff.

Please remember to post your entries with the appropriate info:
Word Count:

(put the main character in the tag line)


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